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At Tyre Sale Sydney, you have the liberty to select from a wide range of Hankook Tyres that will be appropriate and fitting to your vehicle. We have stocked an extensive pile of various sized Hankook Tyres that we sell at wholesale prices, so that you can relax on the budget while purchasing superior quality Tyres. Hankook Tyres are from South Korea and are currently the 7th highest Tyres manufacturing company in the world. They have an extensive assortment of Tyres, fitting for all kinds of vehicles, making it one of the top most liked Tyres among the drivers worldwide. At the present, Hankook Tyres prepares around 92 million Tyres every year.

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Hankook Tyres & Our Facilities

Hankook Tyres are manufactured using revolutionary methods and technics. They are made with high quality rubbers, making the Tyres enduring, resistant and capable for all year. At Buy Cheap Tyres, we sell:
  • Optimo H727-
    Clients with limited budget can easily purchase Optimo H727. These kinds of Tyres are broader than other Tyres, which will make your vehicle look dapper. Also, Tyres with wider tread work appropriately on wet routes and can travel noiselessly as well.

  • Optimo H724-
    Clients with a little bit of increased budget can opt for Optimo H724. They are entry level Tyres and can run steadily for 70,000 miles with any requisite for repair, restore or change. Optimo H724 comes in different sizes, making them absolutely fitting for a collection of sedans, minivans and micro pickups. Optimo H724 can run smoothly and silently on drenched roads, without causing any friction.

  • Ventus V2 Evo-
    Ventus V2 Evo is properly applicable for those who can afford higher price. These Tyres are apt for sports cars and other expensive automobiles. However, if compared to other brands’ costlier Tyres, these are very reasonable. Ventus V2 Evo are solid and water resistant, making them perfect for a smooth, silent and perfect travel through rainy weather. The Tyre treads are constructed out of solid rubbers which assist in a smooth movement of the vehicle on uneven surfaces.

  • Ventus V2 Concept H437-
    Relatively fresh in the Hankook Tyres family, Ventus V2 Concept H437 are worthy of all seasons and are made to run for thousands of miles without any need to change or repair. The budgets are not pricey at all. The Tyres have high performance percentage, yet, they may not act the best at the moment. However, because of the price range and the performance, these Tyres are quickly rising top.

  • Ventus AS RH07-
    Ventus AS RH07 is ranked among the best from all other Hankook Tyres at the moment. These Tyres are specially fabricated for SUVs and small pickups. However, the price climbs a bit higher than others. The treads are exclusively made for a comfortable and durable drive, appropriate for all weathers, especially during wet days. Because they are new, they do not have wide range of sizes. But they can run through 65,000 miles at a stretch.

  • Mileage Plus II (725)-
    Mileage Plus II (725) is currently the best among all other Hankook Tyres. There are various sizes and importantly, they are within the budget. The sizes are perfect for sedans, vans and pickups. The Tyres can run frictionless and smoothly for almost 85,000 miles without the need to change. Also, compared to all other Hankook Tyres, your car will travel easily, noiselessly and with greater friction on wet roads.

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