All-terrain VS Mud-terrain

Posted On May 23rd, 2017

If you choose the right tyre for your new 4WD vehicle, it can ensure you get the best advantage in safety, fuel economy and durability. The factory fitted with highway tyres are not suitable for any off road driving.

In this month’s blog post, experts at BUY CHEAP TYRES share some information to help you choose wisely between all-terrain tyres and mud-terrain tyres for your type of 4WD vehicle.

  • All-terrain
  • All-terrain tyres are exactly as their name defines. These tyres can perform well on road, sand and gravel. They have closer tread pattern which means they are far less noisy than mud-terrain tyres while still giving a lot of grips. If you rarely take your vehicle out 4WDing these tyres will wear less than mud-terrains. All-terrain tyres offer great stability and are most economical and effective tyres.

  • Mild all-terrain
  • Mild all-terrains are best for roads to rugged tracks. They offer great grip and stability to ride comfortably in both wet and dry conditions.
    These are the tyres for you if you need a good balance between on road stability and off-road traction.

  • Aggressive all-terrain
  • If you are into extreme 4WDing and are going off road a high percentage of the year, you need aggressive-all terrain tyres. These offer excellent durability and superior traction for off-road driving in even harsh conditions.  Aggressive all-terrain tyres are good to drive on gravel, dirt, sand, rock, ravines, mountains, mud and snow.

  • Mud-terrain
  • Mud-terrain tyres will outperform all-terrain tyres in wet, muddy conditions and offer all round effectiveness on all types of Australian landscapes. Drive them on roads, sand, rocks, gravel, rutted trails because they are more puncture resistant which gives it a superior durability in a range of conditions. Chunky tread pattern can eject more dirt, rocks and mud than from all-terrains. They are noisier on the road as compared to all-terrains.
    All of the tyres mentioned above are suitable for driving a 4WD vehicle on the sand. If you are taking your vehicle onto the sand and have deflated your tyres, as a word of caution, always remember to reinflate them when you are back on the open road.

BUY CHEAP TYRES stocks a range of premium, all-terrain and mud-terrain tyres for 4WD enthusiasts and their vehicles. Be sure you are fitting the best tyres to suit your vehicle and driving style if you plan on doing any off-road driving with your 4WD.

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