Top reasons why you should change your vehicle’s tyres in winters

Posted On June 8th, 2017

It takes way longer for the vehicle to come to complete halt when summer tyres are installed but the temperatures are below 7 degree Celsius. The reason is your tyres have less traction during winters. At this moment, the winter tyres come handy as they may actually save your life!

Winter tyres are specifically designed to perform better in cool conditions. They have a different tread design with wider grooves and narrow slits at the edges of the tread area, which provide you better command over your car specially in those areas where snow or cold weather is persistent.

The design of winter tyres actually helps the car to cut through the snow which results in decreased drag and higher fuel efficiency. The responsiveness of the acceleration also improves as the result and it enhances your drive experience.

Summer tyres are designed specifically for soaring temperatures. They have less grooving and more rubber in contact with the road. The high temperatures help these tyres to soften and obtain more grip on the road.

However, when the hot season is long gone and you need hot coffee to keep you warm then these tyres also need some break. The material used in the summer tyres doesn’t allow them to soften and hence they do not grasp the road. As the result, your car is more likely to become unmanageable on the tight turns especially when you are turning at the speed of 40 miles per hour.

On the other hand, the material used in winter tyres is already soft so it doesn’t need the help of the temperatures to make them feel comfy on the road. As the result, you ride your car like you own it because of additional command that you get on your vehicle.

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